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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: September Membership Lunch (In-Person)
When: Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM

Name Type
Jeremy Abelson, J.D. CIRC Members
Jerry Alfano, Jr. CIRC Members
Helen Apostolico Another CIRC member in your organization
Dominic Balascio, Esq. CIRC Members
Daniel Barbato, PE Another CIRC member in your organization
Anthony Bariglio Paid with Cont. Ed
Joy Barrist CIRC Members
Douglas Barry, PE Another CIRC member in your organization
Bob Batley Guest: a non-CIRC member
Mitchell Berkowitz CIRC Members
Gary Betty Paid with Cont. Ed
Chris Blackwell Guest: a non-CIRC member
Matt Brainard CIRC Members
Ryan Bree Guest: a non-CIRC member
Michael Burcham, PLS CIRC Members
Stephen Burnett, CIC, ARM CIRC Members
Denise Cairo CIRC Members
Alexandra Chapin Guest of a non-CIRC member
Alissa Cirillo CIRC Members
Joanne Clark CIRC Members
Bob Cole CIRC Members
Jack Coleman CIRC Members
Marnie Conley Paid with Cont. Ed
Jen Corbett Volunteer
Jim Curran Guest: a non-CIRC member
Michael Cutrona CIRC Members
Eliot Dalton, Jr. CIRC Members
Cassie D'Ambrosio Guest of a non-CIRC member
Stephen Davies CIRC Members
Pete Davisson, SIOR, CCIM Paid with Cont. Ed
Jessica Donnelly-Banks CIRC Members
Fabrice Dubecq Prospective or other Non-Member
Richard Dudek, Jr. Paid with Cont. Ed
Robert Elder CIRC Members
J. Gregory Ellis, CCIM Paid with Cont. Ed
Kole Fatunmbi CIRC Members
Corey Ferguson Prospective or other Non-Member
Andrew Finkelstein Guest: a non-CIRC member
Cindy Fleming Paid with Cont. Ed
Patricia Forester CIRC Members
Madeline Fucile Guest: a non-CIRC member
Patrick Gioffre CIRC Members
Dann Gladnick Guest: a non-CIRC member
Chip Grimes CIRC Members
Michael Hahn CIRC Members
Anna Marie Hanna Paid with Cont. Ed
H. Thomas Hannagan, Jr. CIRC Members
David Heaney Paid with Cont. Ed
Nicole Heffernan Prospective or other Non-Member
Herb Hirzel CIRC Members
Joe Hirzel Guest: a non-CIRC member
William Holloway, AIA Another CIRC member in your organization
Tony Ingram Guest: a non-CIRC member
Michael Janis, Jr. CIRC Members
Jimmy Jarrell CIRC Members
Veronica Jester CIRC Members
Stephen Johns, PE, PLS CIRC Members
Timothy Jones, Esq. Paid with Cont. Ed
Bobby Judge CIRC Members
Ryan Kennedy CIRC Members
Casey Kenton, CCIM Paid with Cont. Ed
M. Neil Kilian, CCIM, SIOR Another CIRC member in your organization
Michael Kissinger Guest: a non-CIRC member
Jeanne Kress (NCCC Sales Mgr.) CIRC Members
Dakota Laidman-Murray, PE Guest: a non-CIRC member
Maddy Lang Guest: a non-CIRC member
Ryan Leithead CIRC Members
Rachel Lindeman CIRC Members
William Lucks, GRI, ABR, ALHS, MICP CIRC Members
Barton Mackey, Jr. CIRC Members
Thomas Mammarella, J.D., Esq. CIRC Members
James Manna CIRC Members
David Mathe CIRC Members
Scott Matthews, Esq. CIRC Members
David McCue Paid with Cont. Ed
Connor McGrath, PE CIRC Members
Susan Miller CIRC Members
William Minster CIRC Members
Richard Thorpe Moeckel CIRC Members
Ronald Moore, Jr. Another CIRC member in your organization
Pamela Motter CIRC Members
DEBORAH MOYER Prospective or other Non-Member
Douglas Nickel, MAI, FRICS CIRC Members
David Niles Prospective or other Non-Member
Gifford Nowland, AIA CIRC Members
Mike Petka Guest: a non-CIRC member
Alexander Petrillo CIRC Members
Christopher Poterjoy Guest: a non-CIRC member
Kelli Racca Guest: a non-CIRC member
Shaila Ritz CIRC Members
Madison Rogers CIRC Members
Drew Romanic, AIA CIRC Members
Louis Rosenberg, IIDA, CID, AAHID, EDAC CIRC Members
Ralph Rossi CIRC Members
James Rostocki CIRC Members
Keith Rudy, PE, LEED AP Another CIRC member in your organization
Mark Russo, RLA CIRC Members
Greg Sawka Guest: a non-CIRC member
Thomas Schoenbeck Guest of a non-CIRC member
Thomas Schoenbeck Paid with Cont. Ed
Jeff Sellers Paid with Cont. Ed
Brian Shahan CIRC Members
Jeff Shahan Paid with Cont. Ed
Lorraine Sheldon Another CIRC member in your organization
Nathan Sorenson, RPA CIRC Members
Robert Stenta Paid with Cont. Ed
Darren Theodore CIRC Members
Eileen Thomas CIRC Members
Ted Thomson Guest: a non-CIRC member
Charles Tomlinson, Jr. CIRC Members
George Trapnell CIRC Members
Joseph Tuschinski, RA, NCARB CIRC Members
Brian Urion Guest: a non-CIRC member
Bobby Vandenbraak CIRC Members
Mike Vanderslice CIRC Members
Paul Watts, Sr. CIRC Members
Jay White, MAI, CRE® CIRC Members
Ted Williams, PE CIRC Members
Esther Wyatt, RE Paid with Cont. Ed